OptionsFor those suffering from back and neck pain related to an underlying spinal issue, there is nothing better than having treatment options. Many doctors resort to stale solutions and ineffective choices, but not Dr. Kube and his team. They work tirelessly to make sure all patients have options to choose from.

One-on-One Treatment

When a patient schedules an appointment with Dr. Kube, they can expect one-on-one treatment with the ability to ask and answer questions. Dr. Kube will assess the situation, explain his way of thinking, and present the patient with options for pain relief.

Pain Relief Pathways

When Dr. Kube presents options to his patients, they usually include something in one of the following categories:

  • Rehab. Whenever rehab is an option, Dr. Kube suggests trying it before proceeding to more invasive options. Rehab uses targeted movements and stretches to attack the site of pain and release tension and irritation
  • Medication. Medication is often used in conjunction with rehab and typically comes in the form of over-the-counter drugs or prescription medication.
  • Injections. When standard drugs don’t seem to work, injections are suggested as a way to directly target the injury. These injections work by reducing inflammation and alleviating pain. Injections are also often used to assist in the diagnosis of your condition.
  • Surgery. As a final solution, Dr. Kube may suggest surgery as an option.