Pain ReliefRelief from back and neck pain can sometimes seem impossible. That’s because the spine is such a complex thing. With all of the bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves in and around the spine, even the slightest change in the spinal area can bring about painful symptoms. Thankfully, Dr. Richard Kube is discovering, developing, and perfecting new methods for spinal pain relief.

Respected on Multiple Accounts

Dr. Kube is respected for many different reasons. They include:

  • Dedication to Research. Above all else, Dr. Kube is committed to providing his patients with the highest quality pain relief options in the world. That’s why he spends a large amount of his time researching and studying new methods and procedures.
  • Dedication to Surgery. Dr. Kube is the first surgeon in the world to perform a genuine Minimally Invasive SI Joint Fusion. Dr. Kube uses the information gained from his research to provide the optimum treatment plan that fits your individual needs.
  • Dedication to People. Dr. Kube would not be who he is today without his dedication to patients, friends, and family. It is this commitment to people that sets him apart and makes him one of the most trusted surgeons in the industry.

If you suffer from back or neck pain and need an accurate diagnosis, contact Dr. Kube and his office today.