Dr. KubeOne of Dr. Kube’s favorite things to do is meet with new patients, learn their stories, and help them find relief from their pain. When meeting with patients, one of his primary goals is to develop a complete understanding of the symptoms and causes related to their back or neck pain. It is only once he has developed a clear understanding that he can give an accurate diagnosis.

The Importance of Accuracy

For Dr. Kube, an accurate diagnosis is important for multiple reasons. First off, it matters from a medical standpoint. This is Dr. Kube’s primary concern. Without an accurate diagnosis, it is impossible to develop an effective treatment plan. He will never suggest surgery unless he first understands the underlying cause.

Secondly, accuracy matters in situations where workers compensation or insurance is involved. An inaccurate diagnosis means the proper amount of damages may not be awarded. This can leave patients unable to pay for the treatment they need.

If you appreciate accuracy and want a doctor that does as well, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kube. He will not rest until you receive the most accurate diagnosis he can provide. After that, he will suggest a practical plan of action designed to provide optimal relief for your painful situation.