Injections for pain reliefAccording to statistics, a large majority of individuals will experience moderate to severe back or neck pain at some point in their lives. While some of this will be temporary, pain can progress into chronic discomfort. For those suffering from back or neck pain, there is good news: pain relief comes in a variety of forms. While it may seem like relief is hard to find, it might be that you are going about treatment the wrong way.

Pain Relief Options

Dr. Kube is happy to offer his patients options when it comes to relief from neck or back pain. He usually starts by directing patients to physical therapy or regimented exercise. This helps by releasing endorphins in the body, strengthening muscles, relieving strains, and restoring mobility.

When physical therapy does not work on its own, it is sometimes necessary to find relief through medication. While this is not a permanent option, it can help with short-term flare-ups.

When standard medication doesn’t do the trick, Dr. Kube will sometimes suggest injections for pain relief. Injections work by targeting the injury, reducing inflammation, and alleviating pain. These procedures are quick and effective. Most patients are allowed to go home 30 minutes after the injection. Some injections provide long term relief, while others may simply be used to verify a diagnosis.