Treatment OptionsWhen it comes to back and neck related pain, it is always good to have options available. What works for one patient may not work for another, and not all treatment options are equally effective. That’s why Dr. Kube offers dozens of unique options for his patients.

The Process

Before explaining the available treatment options, Dr. Kube likes to first meet with his patients. During this time he will review personal medical history, discuss symptoms, run necessary tests, and get to know the patient. Once he believes he has enough information available to make accurate diagnoses, he will present treatment options to the patient.

Treatment Options

Along with Dr. Kube’s experience comes the ability to offer a multitude of treatment options. These include non-surgical options, surgical procedures, physical therapy, and more.

  • Non-Surgical Options. These include lifestyle modifications, personal coaching, medication, and other healthy options.
  • Surgical Procedures. Dr. Kube offers dozens of unique surgical procedures to his patients. These range from simple injections to total disc replacements.
  • Physical Therapy. Dr. Kube strongly believes in physical therapy as a pain-relieving treatment solution. He uses physical therapy both before and after surgery, as well as on its own.

For more information on the different treatment options offered by Dr. Kube, contact his practice today.